Zeitgeist The Movie

Zeitgeist, the Movie is a 2007 documentary film, produced by Peter Joseph about the Jesus myth, the attacks of 9/11, and the Federal Reserve Bank as well as a number of conspiracy theories related to those three main topics.

  • Steven Walker

    The most successful revolutions are won through peaceful means.

  • Iop


  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.d.weckter Steven Donovan TrickLarson Wec

    The best way to be controlled, is not know you’re being controlled at all

  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.d.weckter Steven Donovan TrickLarson Wec

    Everything happens for a reason. Some reasons we just are not meant to try to find out.

  • Marlin Mason

    If  all  this  true  then  what bext ,   So  where are the saying  we come form  , if  the don’t  believe  in creation ?

  • R GUERR82


  • kye

    If you want to know where we came or come from read Genesis revisited by zacharia sitchin and earth chronicles which are evidence that so called religions are myths which are bent and twisted for power hungry people to use and get what they want although evidence is not always needed ‘FACT’ what is also needed is belief because fragile humans are easily manipulated into believing anything for instance the bible…….. where is the evidence to that which actually proves it is true there is NONE only what lies have been made by the higher UPS so to speak and all these lies have basically given them a zombiefied army who believe what they say without fact or evidence or a single shred of truth…..ZEITGEIST.

  • Talkingdeer61455

    I fail to see The concept. The movie rejects the Bible then It confirms Every prediction made in the Book of revelation? It stretches facts and ignores faith.  Dose not address how to prevent this by any means of actions, Only spreads the conspiracy theory of its own building.   

  • W101ham

    A religious person with a “Creationism” mind set was arguing with me and rejecting “Evolution” totally. In his argument he laughed and said: “So do you believe that you evolved from a Monkey?” to which I responded with “I rather be a decendant of a monkey than be a sheep”. He wasn’t laughing anymore because he knew that he put his hoof into his mouth.

  • W101ham

    When I first watched this film a few years ago, I was skeptical because I couldn’t accept that such outragous claims could actually be true since none are talked about in mainstream media or text books. I tarted to google and do my own research and soon learnt that a lot of these facts are hot topics that are being talked about in small circles, but are not common knoledge and certainly not covered in schools or books because knowledge is power. It is your choice to empower yourself by A) Acquiring the right knowledge, B) BAAAAAA your way through life like a sheep following so called “shepherd(s)” that will lead you to so called “green pastures”. I know which one I’m choosing, but to all your religious people out there I have this to say. If I was to accept the book of Genesis, it’s clear that “God” (more specifically Jahova) did not want us to be knowledgeable, and mankind became doomed after eating the “Fruit of Knowledge”. He rather us stay naked, stupid and gullible than start smarten up and start asking him questions.

  • Peterjrenton

    Hi I can agree with your thinking of religon ,,but why not pick on all them to be the same shit..
    your 2,11 shit ,,you sound like a muslim  terrorist,,i wait your answer,,,peter

  • Timmybrown

    its about time we knew the truth

  • Jessicaruth

    How can we be free?

  • Peterjrenton

    Hi I  thought I did sorry if I said it wrong I will try again,,,,

    when you log into ZEITGEIST at the be-ginning the guy talking all he says is god,,,why does he not say all gods that people believe in ,,,ex ,,budda ,, all the indian gods ,,,ala ,,, nothing mention about ala or no names of other gods,,,,he also says at the be-ginning ,,HE DONT KNOW WHAT GOD IS,,,,BUT I DO KNOW WHAT HE IS NOT,,,If he dont know what god is ,,,then how the f,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can he know what he is not,,,,,he is full of shit and if you like that then you are the same,,,,there is no evidence of any-thing about are past ,,common sence be-good ,,treat all people the same way till the harm you or others, then think again,,++++++++++++PETER

  • Smithjoy

    I am totally “BLOWN AWAY,”by how diabolical these culture of men have been toward society and mankind. Who do they think they are, just can wipe out people at there own wimps, it’s totally inhumane. How do they sleep at night? I have really loss all respect for this culture of “DEMONS>”

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  • Peterjrenton

    Hi if you say  for instance the bible please tell me do you also mean the karan  what muslims follow,,and ,,,budda  and all religions,,what indians follow ,,I would like you to say that there is no evidence of any way of how life started,,would you call muslim religeion a sex religeion be-cause when they die they say you get lots of virgins ….peter

  • Peterjrenton

    Hi if you say  for instance the bible please tell me do you also mean the karan  what muslims follow,,and ,,,budda  and all religions,,what indians follow ,,I would like you to say that there is no evidence of any way of how life started,,would you call muslim religeion a sex religeion be-cause when they die they say you get lots of virgins ….peter

  • Pinbert

    The right answer is: I don’t evolved from a monkey. That’s not what the evolution theory establishes.  It states (and proves) that monkeys and humans have common ancestors. Both monkeys and humans are evolved mammals, so humans don’t descend from monkeys. Then you can follow with the sheep line.

  • Johns_614

    The Truth will set you free



  • Shanept

    What an interesting documentary.

  • Tdamr86

    great film, but
    how  can you stop this ……….
    whats the other alternatives……..
    would it be good, bad, ugly?
    the ending just makes me feel like leaving society and become at one with nature but i pretty sure that is not gonna stop this.

  • Christoffer

    Allah, God  two words of the same thing. only different languages ;)


  • Christoffer

    Watch the rest of the movies :)  Christoffer

  • Christoffer

    no. and you dont call the bible a fantasy novel, just because in the book of johannes there are talk of dragons…. 

  • 333

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.

  • Titanic_Swim_Team

    GOOD ONE!!!


  • Someone

    “Unfortunately, this UMG-music-content is not available in Germany
    because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.”

  • Carlos

    I like to know the truth, this is why i watched this movie. But some information they share is incorrect and other have several sources of which only one was taken i.e. the great year and ages. If you want to know the truth and not be deceived like the movie says investigate and read by yourself.
    “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.” Buddha. here is a link to some other incorrect statements the movie made. The rest is up to you. http://www.allabouttruth.org/zeitgeist-movie.htm

  • Shane

    Well Carlos, I did a little bit of reading and this guy by the name Nunyabiz in the comments section of this page seems to know what he’s talking about when it comes to the Horus and Jesus similarities. I suggest you read it. It was written before the movie was made and was also written on a page that tries to debunk the theory like the page you presented. What zeitgeist presents is quite right but I need to read more before I go on in that matter. Here’s the page..


  • curiosity killed the cat…

    when  is this exactly going to happen?, ive been re-searching the illuminati for a while now, and there ‘deal’ they have with the over payed pop stars i.e. jay-z who is a freemason, beyonce rihanna and the biggest of them all, lady gaga…( i never thought i would be writting something like this, but i have looked into it too much) they send messages through their songs and when played backwards say something different… beyonce signs for instant, she repeats a ‘wierd language’ and then when reversed it states ‘ got game like an aqarius’ why would she hide that message? because like your documentry shows, 2012 is the year of the aquarius, which is obviously the end off the year off ‘jesus’…so maybe she is refering to the illuminati game for 2012 her other song ‘single ladys’ when reversed states ‘lucifer will rise, you will bow to me, and tears will fall, so lean on me’ obviously stating she is illuminati. people reading this will be thinkinwt the hell has music got to do with this document…but like this document shows, its media, apart off mind control basically brainwahing us. when i watched the religious bit at the bigining i was amazed, i basically come to my senses and realised tat ‘life’ is a lie, weve been lied to for hundreds off years, which makes me wounder what exactly reality iis. robbie williams was the one to point this site out to me, and im so glad, because its made me wake up that little bit more. im sure by the time ive watched all these documents…ill be ‘prepard’ for the worse.


    this link is about the media, and how its blatantly brain washing us, and what the goverment have plannd with the music stars, i found it very useful.

  • Carlos

    Shane ,and all others after checking other information i know now that this movie is most a lie. 
    http://conspiracies.skepticproject.com/articles/zeitgeist/part-one/ this is the best link that refutes it all it has evidence, you can check it by yourself.

  • Goodnermalcolm

    Excellent! Thanks to those of you who give info that is hidden from so many!

  • Grover

    The Southern Cross constellation could not have been seen by ANYONE in the northern hemisphere, so while I agree with some of what you say, the premise of ‘dying on the cross’ as a universal fixture is inaccurate as the cultures you reference would not have known that the Southern Cross constellation existed. I hope this is corrected in your later documentaries

  • Wight_Gypsy

    “All religions are based upon fable and mythologies.” – T. Jefferson

  • Wight_Gypsy

    “Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and tortuous executions and the relentless vindictiveness in which more than half the bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we call it the word of a Demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness and wretchedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind.” – Thomas Paine

  • Shelly L.

    There are those, of course, who will never be able to wrap their minds around this, I do not fault them.The idea that everything they have ever known to be true, is in fact a part of an intricate plan put in place  by a select few (the 1%ers),  designed very simply to further their own interests, financially, militarialy and otherwise, is easier dealt with, for them, as hogwash. Because even entertaining the idea that this concept could be true threatens the very core of all of their beliefs as well as the beliefs of their fathers and grandfathers before them.

    On a personal note, it occurs to me how when I was a child in grade school, the order in which I remember being given ideas to memorize.  My abc’s,  my 123′s, followed immediately by the pledge of allegiance. I’m left to wonder now, if the powers that governed the curriculum  in place then, knew they’d be better served if they could engrave this concept of allegiance into the mind of an unaware, naive child, rather than postponing it until such time as that child has reached an age at which they are more capable of reaching their own, more informed, more mature opinion.

    I use to be a flag waving, blue blooded, ” GOD BLESS AMERICA ” chanting woman. I am now jaded. I feel misled, manipulated, and foolish. How dare people implement their trickery in the lives of myself, and my fellow country men in order to secure their own agenda. It has left me wishing I had never had children of my own who will now be left as the next generation of pawns in this sick game.

    If you find this, the first movie to be something to behold, please go on to view the ones that follow. Although I am painfully aware that it is something I will never see implemented in my lifetime, Zeitgeist 3 ” Moving Forward ” gives me hope.


  • Roger MacLean

    Very powerful and informative

  • Freedom is us

    i really like ur thinking iv got chilldren of my own its up to us the small % of us that now the truth to stand up and stop playing this mind game let the yonger generation no that we are not going to be puppets no more we the pepole are going to win simpely if ther are more pepale thike me then let us be heard they say the pen is miteyer than the gun we all need to stop voting stop banking stop being so nieve i fell sorry for are amrican peps becase they have got those sutie and tiy mother fuckers that they think they are the supper power but no we are we hold all the cards we stop doing the things iv said to stop then thats like us cutting the strings we all need to start liveing in a utopean susiytey. hear i no i cant spell i hope uz unterstand this and what i say mackes sence look up the opama conspirces and anomnis and ull see religon and the assholes ontop are the same all they think off is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$money plz if uz fell so stroglay about this and put a stop to all of this nonsance once and for all. hugs and kisses for evry one i relly wish ther was a spell cheker lol xxxxx

  • jared

    It’s spelled qur’an sir. and the stories of Muhammad and other religions are different and in fact older then the bible and Christ, so when he says the bible , he means just the bible. And just out of my own curiosity, are you a creationist ? I don’t judge at all I’m just wondering.

  • IsOneRight

    The tree of knowledge of good and evil* in other words, we are in no position to discern what is good or evil.
    Just helping you on your pursuit of knowledge, just don’t trust yourself TOO much. Usually knowledge comes with arrogance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.zorzi.94 Robert Zorzi

    There is nothing the military industrial state would not do to continue to add to it’s revenue it’s profit margins and it’s big bonuses.  They use the very infrastructure of our democracy.  They divide our country like the Ronco slicer dicer so we are so caught up hating each other we don’t see anything else.  Great magical trick.  Houdini would be humbled.

  • no1speshul

    Ok, pretty interesting I gotta say. But if the end result is to get us to believe we’re all “one” & to commune w/ nature and such, basically we what, turn our back on technology, media, and other “progress” to just be hippies more or less w/ the “make love not war” motto? Fine if you want, but now we just became a global nation and guess what? We’ll still need laws, enforcers, economics….government. Yep, you just fast tracked us to their one world gov’t plan… good job

  • Wight_Gypsy

    This is what can be expected when Zionism is allowed to inculcate itself into world affairs. Zionism destablizes governments. Zionism destroyed Russsia by violence in 1917 as a warning to other nations. It has also destroyed America through bankruptcy as Lenin advised. Lenin was a Zionist Jew. The purported goal of Zionism is to secure a nation-state for all Jews but it’s secret agenda is to control and dominate the world and to eliminate all of Israel’s potential Gentilean enemies. They don’t have to be nice about it either as evidenced by their direct involvement in 911.

  • duderanch

    what happen to the intro???? the old one was much better

  • Wight_Gypsy

     Please visit the site http://www.bollyn.com if you care for the truth about 911 and it’s instigators.

  • Wight_Gypsy

    Here is another decent site that augments the conspiracy hypothecations. http://www.aunetwork.tv

  • Lucky33irish2002


  • White_Gypsy

    Type in 48335 to gain access to the audio archives.

  • Canyonbrad

     The Darwin theory is just that a theory. Even Darwin said that certain things need to proven for it to work. His work is now proven wrong through genetics. He would agree. I believe this Earth is the Ark. Billions of species put here in every imaginable environment and constantly monitored by ETs or God or whatever you want to call them. I don’t buy the religious part as it is man made but there is a collector or higher power out there and has been coming and going for billion’s of years. And I believe there is more than just this body that lives on long after the body dies.

  • R05091950


    Dare you to watch this.

    Zeitgeist the movie

  • Rachy

    Thank you for providing truth and not government protected media. I watched this when it came out, now my anger is stronger. Human life means more to me than money, that’s for real.

  • Franklin

    Every American who loves their family and country needs to watch and share this movie with their very best friends. When the time is right we need to unite and be true patriots.

  • erin
  • emill

    i’m finding it hard to understand because of his accent. doesn’t it come with english subs?

  • chris taggart

    well, i just finished this. now im on my way to detox than rehab. im 17. ive watched hundreds of documentaries in my last six months of trance. ive learned quantum mechanics started coding, accepted that if it makes sense its reality but also chose to stop thinking before i speak and to stop over thinking sometimes theres no right way to get the answer…. but this is the last movie i will see that isnt for addicts for the nexxt six months. and than im back into shelters just sober. i hope one day we all accept that were born concious and taught to become subconcious… we are god. the world isin our hands because we are all just waves being formed and controlled or able to form and control….

  • LaShonda Jackson-Bartell

    Who is JOHN GAULT?

  • Alice Manggarai





  • John_Galt

    In the world where 1 percent of human population possesses forty percent of the Earth resourses. In the world where every day thirty four thousands of children are dying from incurable diseases and poverty and where fifty percent of population are living less then two dollars per day. There is one thing is clear – something is badly wrong. The more you evolve, the more you become to understand the nature of things, then more all things become obvious and you start to see the deception everywhere. You have to know the truth, you have to be looking for the truth and only then the truth will make you free.

    “The spirit of the time” – has become a most popular documental movie worldwide and it presents itsefl as great nonfiction. This movie is inpugning an existing system and it will change your understanding of the world and understanding of your place in this world forever. The movie has become an event in history of the culture. It has turned millions of people from ordinary life to development. Everyone who wants to know the truth and become more clever have to watch this masterpiece movie. Use your chance. You will get much of pleasure.

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