Zeitgeist: Beyond the Pale

Zeitgeist: Beyond the Pale, the 4th installment of the ‘Zeitgeist Film Series’, [anticipated release in late 2012 / early 2013] will continue its exploration of culture – this time from the perspective of what comprises the values dominant in society today and what defines their merit with respect to social sustainability.

This defiantly critical work will compare the social norms and established practices of contemporary society to the largely ignored benchmark of our scientific reality, illuminating the growing, detrimental separation between rational, objective and progressive thought and the traditional practices and presumptions which continue to dominate our societal operations today.

The focus will be on culturally dominant value systems, beliefs and institutions, with the challenge proposed: Are your values and beliefs sustainable? Are the deeply held, conditioned beliefs and reinforced patterns of behavior common today actually serving to advance our societies? Or are these beliefs holding back and even corrupting the human species to an extent that might lead to our extinction?

Zeitgeist: Beyond The Pale, as the title suggests, will move beyond taboo and social inhibition in form. It will hold nothing sacred except the interest to consider that dynamic alignment with nature itself in the hope that our values and practices can be adapted to what actually “works”, exploring the evolutionary baggage which perpetuates the ongoing patterns of war, imbalance, division, greed, abuse and other characteristics of modern society that many today often just accept as “givens” for the human condition.

  • Tzmmalaysia

    I have a feeling that this will premiere on 21 December 2012, just to prove that doomsday prophecy is full of bullshit, horseshit, whatever…

  • Liam

    The logical base of this movement; the passion of Peters films; the chapters coordination and awareness activism; the members active or inactive, creating art and awareness on a global scale…

    This is like nothing the world has ever known.

  • Millenium2040

    CANT WAIT!!!

  • Jstang112

    I’m sorry. I like the films to an extent and generally agree with much of the philosophy (except I feel it is quite rigid in its future vision so as to neglect considering the huge amount of variables based on different peoples wants and values). However, a movement with many followers that don’t move is not a movement. This Utopian future might be great but there are some senior citizens who could use our presence and solidarity to help them keep medicare. Don’t leap over the immediate needs in an attempt to jump to the future. We do not have a new planet to work with. Even if this were possible it is well beyond our lifetimes. I really do like the analysis and it seems to have gotten people to think which is great but there are many things in the right now that need to be done to have there be a better chance of a species at all. 

  • Raypheus

    In my opinion, the Universe will eventually awaken all it’s children to the realities of unified thought and unified action.  The old patterns of society have been corrupted for decades and no longer work or support the whole since the love of money and material things have replaced the love for one another.

  • Raypheus

    I like the idea of decreasing the worth of the material and increasing the worth of the spiritual.  There’s so much about humanity to be discovered and we must unlearn what has been deemed as “culture” or “tradition” and let go of our quarrels with life and with each other.  War is NOT the answer.  Greed is a virus.

  • Aquarius

    It is set in motion. As we continue to move forward in time, humans naturally evolve, I give it about 150 years. A couple of generations. Sad we wern’t born about 250 years from now huh?

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