The Power Of The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

In the 1960’s Dolores Cannon first created the Quantum Healing platform. The basis for her approach was to try to find a way to help people retrieve lost memories, which could include memories of a past life. The use of this technique dwindled as many researchers found that patients were prone to having unpleasant effects. When one is trying to pull up memories like these, they are likely to be strange, but some felt that they didn’t have the resources to help their clients work through the events after the hypnosis.

The patient goes into a state through led visualizations. This level of consciousness is known as the Somnambulistic state and puts the patient in a trace like mental state. The Somnambulistic typically is experienced by people twice a day, once just when they fall asleep and once just before they wake. It is a place that borders between being conscious and unconscious, which is what makes it somewhat unique even though humans experience it daily.

Hypnosis as Therapy

However, Dolores did not let the observations of other researchers stop her from continuing to practice this form of hypnosis. She found that by helping her clients to achieve this state, they were able to communicate things from their past lives that were affecting their emotional state in their current life. During her career, she has shown that her approach to using hypnosis as therapy has helped people of all ages, genders, religions, and nationalities. It is her firm belief that every person has lived a past life and the memories of each life come with us into the next.

Her students and clients support her assertion. They feel that they have helped others, or have been one, to be able to uncover memories that were stored deep in their subconscious. Revealing these memories then gives the individual the opportunity to work through and understand their behaviors in a way that they never were able to before. Often this leads to them being able to break through phobias that had once been debilitating in their lives.

Quieting the Skeptics

There, of course, are many skeptics that will argue that the individual is in a dream-like state causing hallucinations. Those that have undergone the therapy, however, do not find that to be the case. They resoundingly assert that they fully believe that they were able to retrieve memories from their subconscious that they were not able to access before the Quantum Healing Hypnosis had been done on them.

One requirement for the treatments to work is that you are open to the experience. If you go into a session believing that it is some trickery, then you definitely will not be able to surrender enough to enter the Somnambulistic, which is required. Additionally, your subconscious likely would not be willing to reveal information as you will have blocked it from taking control. Mostly it is the subconscious that is talking to the patient, showing what the patient needs to know to improve their quality of life. It only shares information that will be beneficial, and of course, that information will be advantageous to the client.

Life After Death

This idea is a hard concept to understand given most worldviews. Most people believe that we only live one life. Those from the scientific community think we’re born, live and then die and that is it. Most religions think that there is a soul and that it goes elsewhere after death, but not exactly that there is life after death. However, some belief systems have asserted that we are reincarnated many times and mostly never die. One has to be open to such a possibility to find success with this form of hypnosis.

Many wonder whether or not the Quantum Healing Hypnosis works or is just a fad. If you ask those that have performed this technique or undergone it, they will tell you with absolute certainty that not only does it work, but that it is a great means of helping an individual heal. Virtually the only way to find out if it could be beneficial for you is to give it a try.

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