Is Future Life Progression Possible?

Future life progression is a form of meditation or waking dream that promises to offer an insight into your future. The idea behind FLP is that you enter into a focused state of hypnosis, where you are ‘daydreaming’ but can explore what is likely to happen in your future. It offers you the chance to see what will happen to you if you stay on the path that you are currently on – giving you an insight into the next five or ten years. After that vision, you can recognize the adjustments that you need to make, so that you can become satisfied and happy in your life.

Exploring with FLP

You can also use FPL to explore what might happen if you make changes to your life. What other options are open to you? What would your life be like if you got rid of people who are negative influences or dragging your life down? What would life bring you if you tried something new? What options do you have that you have, perhaps, subconsciously dismissed?

Higher Self Connection

Future life progression can allow you to connect with your higher self, and access the intuitive part of yourself that is free from fears, doubts, and self-limitation. It shows you what you are truly capable of, and then once you have reconnected with that part of yourself, you can see what your highest potential is. This realization can be an inspirational experience. Even if you aren’t usually the sort of person who is ambitious, accessing your future self can help you to see what is open to you – so that you can achieve more – even if more means merely finally feeling content.

Your Goals

One of the most important parts of future life progression is thinking about what they are looking to achieve, and thinking about how the people around you are influencing you and affecting your life. Seeing who you should keep around you, and who you should let go, will help you to achieve more and be happier.

What Science Says

Scientists are not completely clear on how time and space work – they are still theorizing and learning themselves. What we do know is that the hypnotic state of future life progression unlocks thoughts that would usually be buried and that the clarity that comes from this is valuable. Whether you’re exploring the future or just thinking more clearly about free will and possible outcomes is hard to know for sure – but your future life is something that you have control over – and taking some time to think about it and to plan will help you a lot.

Final Notes

Most human beings do get too attached to people who sometimes aren’t the best possible influence for us. If you can find a way to think clearly, and to impartially evaluate whether you are keeping someone around you because you are scared of being alone or because they bring value to your life – then you will be much better off. Even if you don’t think that people can see the future, it’s worth contemplating that, because clarity about human attachments will give you clarity in other areas of your life as well.

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