Book Review of Many Lives Many Masters

In 1988, Dr. Brian L.Weiss, M.D., a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, published his account of his sessions with one of his young patients. During these meetings, he would hypnotize her and eventually, she recounted stories of having lived before. He knew she was of sound mind and not under the influence of any drugs. The experience opened his eyes to the reality of reincarnation.

The book starts off with his training as a psychiatrist at a large hospital in Miami. He believed that it was necessary to be skeptical of anything that was not proven scientifically. He eventually had sessions with one of the hospital laboratory technicians. She had extreme phobias and anxiety attacks. Dr. Weiss gave her both medication to bring her suffering under control as well as hypnosis. The therapy was aimed at getting to the cause of her panic.

While she recalled molestation as a child, she went even further back in her sessions to times before she was born. At first, she had refused the hypnosis, but after attending an Egyptian exhibit at a museum where she knew facts about Egypt she could not have any way of knowing, she consented. These sessions were where the early childhood traumas emerged, and the past lives surfaced as well.

Weiss was astonished. She was able to detail several of her alleged 86 lifetimes on the planet as both a male and a female. Dr. Weiss was able to transcribe her recollections in detail because when in a trance, she spoke slowly and deliberately.

He was amazed to hear her detail going to various buildings and describing them along with the clothes she was wearing. Sometimes she described herself as having blond hair, or as wearing unusually made clothing – long dresses made from sack clothes or other materials typically used in clothing from long ago.

He would ask her more, feeling confused. She would tell him she as a different age or that the year was the year 1863 BC. She described customs of the era. Weiss was shocked but because he knew the patient to be sane, he continued to let her talk session after session.

Eventually, she described many deaths from drowning, stabbing and more. Weiss realized that she was indeed experiencing a regression in her past lives.

He initially believed that reincarnation was merely a philosophy ascribed to Hindus and Buddhists. But, he slowly realized that reincarnation was real. The patient also described lives between lives where she learned about spiritual matters by higher beings.

They taught her that everyone goes from lifetime to lifetime. The mission is to learn more about how to be more like God. The lessons she passed on to Weiss were things he recounts in his book. Even though this book is decades old, it remains one of the best books about reincarnation and the exploration of past lives.

Weiss draws particular attention to the fact that his patient was entirely sound of mind. She never experienced hallucinations or mental illness. Tha patient had only been exceedingly anxious. After undergoing the sessions with Weiss, and exploring her past lives, she was able to bring peace into her life.

The book is an incredibly addicting read, and it does open the reader’s eyes to new knowledge about life. The Dalai Lama himself believes he is reincarnated and will come back to live again. Weiss understands this, too, and shared the hope of this belief in this remarkable book.

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